Lina’s Lobby Waffles


Many of you know about my love of the “lobby waffle”. You know, those waffles you make yourself at the free continental breakfasts offered in many hotels. I’ve come up with a business idea that I think would be successful. It’s like the popular frozen yogurt places that are popping up everywhere, where you get your froyo and load it up with lots stuff at a toppings bar. Same concept, but with waffles. You make your own fresh waffle, then head over to the toppings bar and load it up with fresh fruit, flavored syrup, ice cream, whipped cream, or whatever you want. We would even offer chicken tender bites, so you can come in for dinner and enjoy some chicken & waffles. All I need is some capital. Who wants to be an investor?

Keep an eye out for a “Lina’s Lobby Waffles” location opening near you (but probably not).


The Picture is Clear

This has been a pretty crazy summer, and getting things organized for fall has been a big part of that. The schedule for my first semester at Towson is set, and things at work were settled. Let me explain. Recently, I applied and interviewed for a promotion to Assistant Shift Supervisor. The hiring process includes multiple interviews and two rounds of training. The promotion wouldn’t take effect until January 1st.

Before I discuss that any further, I want to thank all the folks who supported my attempt to obtain the position, especially the many co-workers who offered words of encouragement, and stated their hope that I would be selected. As expected, I was not.

The form letter I was handed, stating I was not chosen, may have been the best document I’ve received during my 9+ years here. I am about to embark on one of the most difficult challenges of my life beginning on August 28th. I will continue working full-time on midnight shift, but this semester, I’m taking on 12 credits at Towson, making me a full-time student as well. On top of that, I will be continuing my role as “stay at home dad” four days a week. Just thinking about it causes some anxiety, considering 3 of the 4 classes I’m taking must be passed with an A or B to get me admitted to the College of Business and Economics.

So what did the letter do to help me? First off, it relieves me of the additional mandatory training that would be required. That’s a big deal because the training department of this 24 hour facility doesn’t offer training on midnight shift, so we have to work overtime to do it. Chrissie and I both have to change schedules around to make that happen, and usually, Chrissie loses work hours when that happens. Not fair to her. That happened frequently during the “Supervisors Academy” I was a part of over the last 6 months.

The main reason why I was happy to receive that letter was motivation. The further I’ve gone in my education since going back, the more motivated I’ve become to reach my goals. This put it in high gear at at the right time. I’ve worked here for over 9 years and gone nowhere. I waited longer than most to cross-train in another room, and been turned down for promotions multiple times since. I constantly feel undervalued and under appreciated. My efforts to help the center and make myself a more valuable asset to it go unnoticed. I was even told my coursework and activities outside of work “do not matter”.

Let me make one thing clear, I love my co-workers, and for the most part, I love my job. There are so many good people here, who work hard and do amazing things. I want nothing more than to be put in a position to improve my workplace, and ensure everybody here feels appreciated, and has opportunities to accomplish the things they want during their career here.

I am now more motivated than ever. I’m motivated to get my bachelors degree as quickly as possible. I’m motivated to excel in my studies, and get the most out of what Towson University has to offer. I’m motivated to make myself a highly valued asset to Baltimore County, whether in the 9-1-1 Center, or another department or agency. I believe if you work hard enough, a persons education, knowledge, experience, and dedication will reach a point where it can’t be ignored any longer, and someone will see it, acknowledge it, and utilize it. I won’t stop until that happens.

**Side note: Congratulations to those of you who have moved on in the process. I’m sure all of you would do a great job, and I wish you good luck as you go forward.

Post-Election Thoughts

Sure, I have my opinion on the election.  I voted for one of the two main candidates running for President of the United States. Maybe he won, maybe he didn’t.  Did I vote on Question 6, the question to allow same-sex marriage?  Sure did.  Did I vote for or against?  Yes I did.  Did I vote on expanded gambling, which was Question 7?  Yup.  Did I agree or disagree with the winning side?  Indeed, it was one of those.  It is the right of almost every American to vote, and vote by secret ballot.  For the most part, I choose to keep my decisions to myself.  I do this to prevent my friends, family, and co-workers from changing their opinion of be because of my political, moral, and ethical beliefs.  My political affiliation doesn’t define me.  Whether I am for or against same-sex marriage doesn’t change how I treat you, or how I feel about you.  Whether or not I am for a casino in PG County and table games across the state doesn’t make me against education, or a gambling addict.  Do I need to agree with your decisions at the ballot box to be your friend?  Lord No.  If most people did, we’d never get anything done, and spend most of our time arguing.  Not worth it.  I give my opinion where it matters most; at the polling place, on that screen where I make my decisions known to the world with the power of my vote.  If things turned out the way you wanted, awesome.  Congratulations to the Obama supporters, the same-sex couples who can now be married under the laws in The State of Maryland, and the folks who are excited to play black-jack just down the street.  I know there were more items on the ballot, but I used these three as my examples.

That all being said, there is one item of the day that I can’t let go of without getting my true thoughts off my chest.  ”The Dream Act”.  I voted against it, and would go to my polling place every day for the rest of my life to vote against it if I needed to.  This is not just about tuition rates for illegal immigrants.  It goes deeper than most people realize.  Now that in-state tuition rates are available for a large number of illegal immigrants in this state, the number of them applying to the University of Maryland system will increase.  Well guess what, because they are immigrants, they are obviously a minority.  Minorities receive preferential admission into most public colleges.  I will admit, I am unsure how the University of Maryland System handles it, but I’m sure minorities get “points” added when deciding whether to admit them or not.  Besides that, many scholarship organizations cater to many minority groups, and offer money for college based on your race.  So, people in the State of Maryland, who are here ILLEGALLY, now pay the same price for college as I do, have a better chance of being accepted than I do, and have more scholarship opportunities available to them than I do.  I care, not because I am white, not because I’m male.  I care about this because I WAS BORN IN MARYLAND, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND HAVE LIVED HERE MY ENTIRE LIFE.  So, my taxes are paying for a university system that people in this country illegally the same or more access to than I do.  Thankfully, Towson University has agreements with most community colleges in Maryland to offer guaranteed admittance with an Associates degree.  Otherwise, Lord knows what would happen.  I may be okay, but what about my daughter?  What about your kids?  Will they be forced to a high-priced private college because their spot in the U of MD system was taken by an illegal immigrant.  I sure hope not, but only time will tell.

My New Facebook Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Over the last few weeks, I have been more and more annoyed with Facebook and the people on it.  Nobody in particular, just the whole thing.  I wake up in the afternoon or evening, grab my cell phone, and scroll through my news feed.  I do this because many people believe if they share information on Facebook, there is no need to share it any other place or via any other means of communication.  Reading every post from a particular day takes about half an hour, and my time has become too precious to waste doing this anymore.  Besides that, Facebook has become more of an outlet for anger and frustration, and less of a true “social network”.  I’m sick and tired of being put in a bad mood or flat out pissed off by something somebody posted in their status or a comment made on a status.  More then that, I am sick of people who make status updates to get a message across to somebody, or a post to somebody else’s wall that is actually directed to somebody else, but they are too much of a coward to say what they want to say to that person directly.  I know that I too am guilty of venting and negativity frequently on Facebook and I am part of the problem.  I’m done with it.

Now that’s out of the way, here is my new “Facebook Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”:

I, Travis Galliher, will no longer check Facebook everyday, or read every post that comes onto my news feed.  I have created a list, called “The Short List”, which is now my primary news feed.  This is the only feed I will read on a regular basis.  Of the 352 “Friends” I currently have on Facebook, only 12 people are on “The Short List”.  If you are wondering if you are on this list, you’re not.  Immediate family and a couple very close friends are it.  It’s nothing personal or not an indication that you and I are no longer friends in the real world, it’s just the easiest way to simplify things.  Also, I will not post to Facebook nearly as often, maybe once or twice a week.  I will continue to occasionally post pictures of Carolina, and will post if there is something I want to share with everyone.  Many times, it may be just a link to one of our blogs.  I wanted to turn comments off, but Facebook no longer has this feature.

Why didn’t I just delete my Facebook account?  Facebook is the only way I currently communicate with a few people, especially my friends and family who are out of town, and I didn’t not want to sever that completely.  Facebook also does have some useful tools besides the whole “status updates” thing.  Their messenger and events services are quite useful, and I will continue to check and reply to those on a regular basis.

Please understand, this a decision I made for me, not against anybody.  If it was targeted at only a couple people, I would have just hidden their posts, un-friended then, or blocked them.  I have no problem doing that.  This is being done for my own well-being, and to cut down on my time spent reading post after post of negativity, drama, and BS, just to make sure I don’t miss an occasional post of importance.

How will you contact me?  Easy.  If you insist on contacting me via social media, you can follow me on Twitter, my handle is @HillbillyTrav, and I have a Google+ account that is checked almost daily.  You can look me up on Skype (I’m not on often, but once in a while), and Google Talk.  I still use that old thing called e-mail, and my address is HillbillyTrav@gmail.com, and you can always call, text, iMessage, FaceTime, or even Voxer me.  If you don’t have my phone number, feel free to email me and I will give it to you.  I also plan on updating our blogs more often.  Trav’s Tidbits (where you are now) is at www.TravisGalliher.com, and The Galliher Family at www.GalliherFamily.com.  Also, Chrissie has no intention on leaving or reducing her presence on Facebook, so if you post something important on there, chances are I will hear about it from her.

I hope you all understand why I am doing this.  Between work, watching Carolina on my own 4-5 days a week,  and taking 2 college classes, I need to cut some of the stress and BS from my life, and Facebook seems like the logical place to start.  This may only be temporary, but we’ll see.  I’ll be talking to y’all soon.  Have a great week.