Lina’s Lobby Waffles


Many of you know about my love of the “lobby waffle”. You know, those waffles you make yourself at the free continental breakfasts offered in many hotels. I’ve come up with a business idea that I think would be successful. It’s like the popular frozen yogurt places that are popping up everywhere, where you get your froyo and load it up with lots stuff at a toppings bar. Same concept, but with waffles. You make your own fresh waffle, then head over to the toppings bar and load it up with fresh fruit, flavored syrup, ice cream, whipped cream, or whatever you want. We would even offer chicken tender bites, so you can come in for dinner and enjoy some chicken & waffles. All I need is some capital. Who wants to be an investor?

Keep an eye out for a “Lina’s Lobby Waffles” location opening near you (but probably not).


Dean vs Hernandez

This started as a Facebook rant, but I think it will be better served here.


The way folks in this county have reacted to the two big celebrity news stories going on right now has really pissed me off. Paula Dean admitted to using an offensive racial slur. Awful as it is, at least she has taken the time to apologize, has taken interviews to apologize and ask for forgiveness, and never hid behind the accusations. Do I call myself a “Paula Dean Supporter”? No. I do respect how she has handled the situation. Even so, she is being burned at the stake for her transgression. Maybe she deserves that, but I’m not the one who can make that decision.

Aaron Hernandez. This a**hole killed a man, and possibly will be charged in the murder of two others. The more evidence that comes to light, the more it seems he is guilty. There have been quite a few Patriots fans, protesting in front of his house for his release. You can’t be serious. A suspected murder should be let go, but somebody who said an offensive word, admitted it, and apologized multiple times publicly, should lose everything. Some people in this country have seriously lost their way.

In closing, I am not saying Paula Dean should not suffer any consequences for her actions. I am only comparing the public reaction to both these situations, and how messed up it is.

**PS, some Steelers fan is going to comment and mention Ray Lewis. He obstructed justice, was convicted of it, and served the judges sentence. There was never any evidence he was the murderer. The two guys who did it were found to be acting in self defense and were released. Lewis was the only one involved who was convicted of anything. Therefore, any argument involving him in this discussion is invalid.


After 3 years or so of formally studying photography in a college setting, I have decided to change directions with my education. During the time I spent studying photo, I learned a few things, but certainly lost more then I gained. Most of the things that were taught, I had already learned about from the countless photography books I had read. I was able to learn some things about Photoshop, Camera Raw, and darkroom black and white photography that I hadn’t explored, but for the most part, I was bored with it. My boredom caused me to largely lose the passion I had for the craft. I felt taking pictures was something I had to do, which it was. Our assignments put us in a box, requiring me to use a certain technique, or subject matter, to photograph. I became focused solely on finding things that I needed to photograph to get a grade, looking past potentially beautiful and interesting images that I could have captured. Photography was no longer fun, relaxing, or interesting. It was something I did to add a grade and credit hours to my college transcript. It was my pencil in pursuit of a degree.

But something funny happened last week. I went to Harford Community College and got registered for the Fall semester, now as a General Studies major. I walked out of the Student Center, and noticed how sun was lighting up the old house on the campus, and the the breeze was blowing the international flags along the sidewalk that led up to it. “I wish I had my camera with me” I remember thinking to myself. I stopped in my tracks for a second, and tried to remember the last time I had thought that. I couldn’t. It had been so long. In the week or so since, I have found myself looking around again, looking for things that I want to see through the viewfinder of my camera. That quick, the passion and desire had returned. I want to take pictures again. I want to learn and improve my skills as a photographer again, but on my own terms, and in my own way.

I am glad I spent those years studying photography. The knowledge I gained will, without a doubt, make me a better photographer. Plus, all those classes completed the coursework in a particular concentration needed to graduate from Harford, so I only have 4 classes left, versus 7 I would have left at CCBC. I’m saving money, graduating faster, and since all the classes I need are available online, I’m saving a lot of time by making the switch. It feels good to know I made the right decision, and feels even better to want to take pictures again.